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The Creole Clarinets is created around the two German clarinet- and saxophone players Thomas L'Etienne and Uli Wunner. Together with their international rhythm-section from Belgium and The Netherlands they play a mix of traditional New Orleans Jazz, Martinique, Swing and Brazilian Choros.


The Creole Clarinets present a show that is full of honest and swinging music, a variety of moods and virtuoso craftmanship. In combination with the witty, sometimes hilarious announcements of Thomas, the Creole Clarinets guarantees a most enjoyable evening.

Musician. Trumpet player. Composer
Creole Clarinets - foto Etienne van Laer

       Harry Kanters                                              Thomas L'Etienne      Karel Algoed      Uli Wunner     Frederik van den Berghe

Creole Clarinets - Harry Kanters -Uli Wu

                    Harry Kanters      Uli Wunner                       Stephan Treutter         Thomas L'Etienne             Karel Algoed 

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