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Concerts in the near future
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                          Jazz at the Avenue 2022-2023
Concertserie van en met Michael Varekamp en Harry Kanters
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2 oktober          New Orleans Around the World
13 november      The Young Generation
30 december     Sweet Sylvester Swing
22 januari         The Music of the Blue Note
26 fabruari       The Roaring Twenties
26 maart           Satchmo's Forgotten Hits
16 april              Singin' the Blues
14 mei               We Get Requests
Jazzcursus 'History of Jazz' 
Michael Varekamp en Harry Kanters geven een zesdelige cursus 'The History of Jazz' The History of Jazz | My Site (
Jazz piano, solo and bands, classic jazz, traditional jazz, swing
Harry Kanters - Photo  Etienne Van Laere
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